World History

Leaders – Michael A’Bear and Tim Davies

We look at world history and are currently looking at the period between c1865 and 1914. From January 2020 we will move to the inter-war years 1918-1939. Members are encouraged to give a talk to the group (every two or three years) on a subject of their own choosing, relating to the period we are covering.

Contact Diana Butler –  703136
Meets Monday, 1000 – 1200. Twice monthly.
2019 Sep 9, 23, Oct 7, 21, Nov 4, 18, Dec 2, 16
2020 Jan 13, 27, Feb 10, 24, Mar 9, 23, Apr 6,
May 4, 18, Jun 1, 15, 29
2019/2020 Programme

There could be changes to some of these talks due to circumstances beyond our control, and some titles may be changed. This programme is dated September 2019.


9 September           London’s Underground by Tim Davies   (Extra segment via this link) 

23 September         The Scramble for Africa and the Winds of Change by Richard Thomas        

7 October             Robert Baden-Powell  and  David Lloyd George by Michael A’Bear

21 October             Victorian Philanthropy and its Legacy by Judith Edge  

4 November            Into the Outback by Michael A’Bear

18 November         Pax Britannia – The Royal Navy 1865 – 1914 by Elizabeth Anson

2 December           Sleepwalking into war by Lorna Thomas        

16 December          The Great Debate – The World’s Greatest WomaN


13 January            Ataturk – The Greatest Nation Builder of Modern Times by Alan Freeland    

27 January             British Art between the Wars by Peter Duffy    

10 February            Lighter than Air by Trevor Williams          

24 February            The Prohibition Era by Joanne Watson      

9 March                  The Great Depression: Causes and Consequences by Andrew Cole

23 March                The Amritsar Massacre and its aftermath by John Hambly  

6 April                    The talented and tormented T E Lawrence by Adrian Martin    

4 May                    The Three Choirs Festival by Graham Moore  

18 May                 The end of WW1 and Versailles by David Simpson    

1 June                   Advances in science and technology 1918 39 by Pam Taylor  

15 June                Was War a more profound cause of change than growth and movement        of population?  by Lorna Thomas    

29 June                  Short Talks


Programme of Talks from 2018/19
A podcast of the talks is available approx 2 months after the talk. The latest talk is always top of the page listings. History podcasts

Sept 10     How the West was lost –   Michael A’Bear

Sept  24     The Boer War and other Colonial Adventures. –   Richard Thomas

Oct 8     19th Century Exhibition Fever   –  Joanne Watson A day at the Great Exhibition (V and A)

Oct 22    The strange death of Liberal England   – Robert Sykes

Nov 5     The White Rajahs of Sarawak   – Jenny Thorpe

Nov 19     Kitchener –  Alan Bridgman

Africa Theme Podcast of Foreign Legion and Three Rivers Talks

Dec 3      From Faraday to Ferranti   – Trevor Williams

Dec 17     Debate  My Historical dinner party 10 x 5 min talks


28 Jan    The Austro-Hungarian Empire by Joe Huddleston (change of date )

11 Feb     Darwin and Evolution by Sam Osmond

The Sick Man of Europe and The Berlin Conference – Peter Duffy

11 March      Short cuts round the world by Bruce Oelman

25 March      Victoria and Albert by Nigel Marriott

15 April         Marconi by Alan Freeland (change of date)

13 May           Spending a Penny  by Tim Davies

3 June           A review of British women artists to the mid 20th century      Diana Butler ( change of talk)

17 June           Short talks  4 x 20 minutes