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The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a worldwide movement encouraging people in the “third age” of life (no longer in full-time employment or bringing up children full time.) It aims to enable members to pursue educational, cultural, and recreational interests.

400,000 members in 1,000+ UK U3As

Local U3As are self-help, self-managed co-operatives for middle-aged or older people no longer in full-time work, providing opportunities for their members to share learning experiences in a wide range of interest groups and to pursue learning not for qualifications, but for fun.

Farnham U3A is just one of 180 U3As in the South East Region. Farnham U3A is one of 24 U3As in North West Hampshire & South West Surrey Network – most of these U3As are 10 miles from Farnham.

The Third Age Trust

Farnham U3A is a member of the Third Age Trust which is the UK umbrella organisation. It supports local U3As in developing their activities. The ethos of the organisation is one of self-help using the wealth of experience and knowledge of its members for the benefit of all.

Farnham U3A

U3A_colour_web-farnham-280pxHEstablished in 1991, Farnham U3A currently has more than 1,400 members, drawn from a wide social and academic range. It is open to all – a true University – since anyone may join whatever their qualifications. There is no upper age limit.

Classes for 76 Subjects

Farnham u3A has 10 faculties which include more than 70 subjects in over 100 different groups with a total of about 2000 classes. Some subjects are academic; literature, languages, history, and science. Other subjects have a practical content; Painting, Photography, Computing whilst others are purely recreational; Tai Chi, Yoga, Rambling, and Bridge.

The groups mostly meet during the day, typically at Farnham Maltings – our local Arts & Community centre. Farnham U3As academic year extends over three terms, from mid-September to late June.

Join as many groups as you want

Members pay an annual subscription (currently £35) and for this they may join as many groups as they wish, subject to there being space available. In some groups, indicated in the programme, an extra fee is payable because they are led by professional tutors, or involve the use of materials bought by the group leaders, and in many groups, where printed or copied material is provided, a contribution to copying costs is expected.

The vast majority of our tutors and group leaders are ordinary members who do the job as part of their own contribution to the U3A. For its essence is that it is run by its members, the groups are responsible for themselves and the task of the Committee is to provide the framework within which the many activities can take place.

Annual Theme – The 1970’s

We have about eight theme meetings a year, open to all members, and a series of themed meetings…the 19/20 subject is The 1970’s The Way We Were 

Theatre and Concert Trips

We run two extra-mural Clubs, for Theatre and Concerts, arranging coach transport to London and other venues, to attend major theatre productions and concerts. In addition, a number of our groups organise trips as an integral part of their courses, which include Art History, World Religions, Archaeology and Horticulture.

Keep up-to-date

Members are kept up to date with our activities by information posted on our notice board at the Farnham Maltings, and our regular emailed “mailchimp” newsletters.

The social side of our U3A is very important to our age group, and all of our groups and extra-mural activities provide good opportunities for members to socialise and to form friendships.

Overall, we believe that Farnham U3A offers a wealth of opportunities to us Third Agers to keep our minds and bodies active, to expand our knowledge and capabilities to the full, to make new friendships, and above all to enjoy life.

Become a member of Farnham U3A –  New Members form

All members must:
• Abide by the Principles of the U3A movement.
• Always act in the best interests of the U3A and never do anything to bring the U3A into disrepute.
• Abide by the terms and conditions of the constitution.
• Treat fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times.
• Comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee.
• Advise the Database Manager database@farnhamu3a.org.uk in writing of any change in your personal details.
U3A requires members to provide personal information to fulfil our contract with you, and to keep you informed about events and activities that are offered as part of your membership. In collecting your information U3A will:
• Store it securely for membership purposes.
• Use it to communicate with you as a U3A member
• Share your information with group leaders for those groups that you are a member of
• Send you general information about the Third Age Trust (the national organisation to which U3As are affiliated).

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Website: www.farnhamu3a.org.uk

Registered Charity Number: 1019078