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    Farnham U3A interim prog Autumn 2020

About Farnham U3A

Farnham University of the Third Age (Farnham U3A) is an educational, self-help organisation providing study, recreational and social activity groups.  Our members are people in retirement or semi-retirement. We share our knowledge and skills and we value the experience of middle aged and older people. More about us.

Annual Review 2020 Farnham U3A

Farnham U3A Groups

  • Mahjong
  • Artists at work
    Artists at work
  • Language class
    Language class
  • Table Tennis Group
    Table Tennis Group
  • Cycling Group
    Cycling Group
  • Pilates Group
    Pilates Group
  • Wine Lovers
    Wine Lovers

Farnham U3A was formed in 1991 and has 1,500 members (at September 2018).  Each academic year Farnham U3A members can join all of the 10 faculties. These provide more than 70 subjects in 108 different groups with some 2000 classes.  Farnham U3A groups, which meet during the daytime, cover sports, pastimes, languages, crafts, the arts, literature, music and sciences. The vast majority of the Farnham U3A groups are held at Farnham Maltings.

What is U3A?

The U3A concept is simple: you don’t need qualifications, there is no curriculum, it costs next to nothing, teachers learn and learners teach. Read about the U3A story and learn the national U3A movement which has more than 1000 groups and 400,000 members across the UK.

Farnham U3A Activities

  • Ramblers
  • Regular Talks
    Regular Talks
  • Concert Club at the RAH
    Concert Club at the RAH
  • Playlet
  • Seasonal Celebration
    Seasonal Celebration
  • Jubilee Celebrations 2015
    Jubilee Celebrations 2015
  • Greenwich Trip
    Greenwich Trip

Join Farnham U3A

Join Farnham U3A for an annual fee of £35.

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