Wine for Fun 2

Group leader  Jane  Moberly

Fun wine tasting sessions with a focus on infotainment. A very participative group which meets monthly all year. Six wines tasted at each meeting plus at least one winery field trip p.a.   Cost £8 person per meeting covers wine and cheese, payable in advance.

Contact  Joan 917 736
Meets  2nd Wednesday, 1700 – 1900.  Monthly all year round  NB August date is out of sequence as it is a joint meeting with Wine for Fun 1.
2019  July 10, Aug 15 (Not at the Maltings – Full day field trip to English winery (with Wine For Fun 1), Sep 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11 (Not at Maltings)
2020 Jan 8 (Not at Maltings), Feb 12, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13, Jun 10, Jul 8, Aug 20 (Not at Maltings)

1970s THEME WINE TASTING  Thursday 5 March 2-4 pm
For the past four years the annual Open Wine tasting reflects the annual theme so this year we look at wines from the 1970s. These are likely to be wines we probably tried in our own glorious youth.  Nine wines in total will be a mixture of the current versions of wines like Asti Spumanti, Mateus Rose, Piat d’Or etc. plus one genuine 1970s Riesling.  

Hosted by the Wine group/s tickets £10/head and bookings via Secretary Graham Parlett direct on rosebarton(at)