Monthly Meetings 18-19

Mon 17 Sep 14.00 – 16.00
Peter Reese. The Flying Cowboy Cowboy Samuel Cody built and flew the first engine powered British plane at Aldershot

Mon 29 Oct 14.00-16.00    

NT volunteer from  Clandon House – the Fire & Future Salvage, discoveries and restoration after the 2015 fire

Mon 19 Nov 14.00-16.00
Ken Bare. 60 years of the Surrey Hills How the Surrey Hills ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ originated and how it has changed

Mon 10 Dec 14.00-16.00

Mike Grundy. Dramatic Art of the London Underground Events, figures and artworks from 10 centuries of London life, in over 90 Underground stations.


Mon 21 Jan 14.00-16.00

Andrew Bustin. My life as an extra What its like in front of the camera, the people I’ve met and film clips

Mon 25 Feb 14.00-16.00

Jenny Mallin. My Grandmother’s legacy
Five generations of Anglo Indian women during the days of the Raj – with recipes!

Mon 25 Mar 14.00-16.00

Laurence Carter. Garibaldi and the making of Italy
How a cluster of independent states became a country.

Mon 29 Apr 14.00-16.00
Pat Mitchinson. Decorative Arts in Ballet Key artists and designers and their influence, from the Sun King through to today

Mon 20 May 14.00-16.00

Jennifer Goldsmith. The Portsmouth Road The road’s vital role in our history, from the 17th century to D Day

Mon June 24th . 

Roy Waight From Slaving to Saving A history of Rowledge