Monthly Meetings 18-19

Mon 17 Sep 14.00 – 16.00
Peter Reese. The Flying Cowboy Cowboy Samuel Cody built and flew the first engine powered British plane at Aldershot

Mon 29 Oct 14.00-16.00    

NT volunteer from  Clandon House – the Fire & Future Salvage, discoveries and restoration after the 2015 fire

Mon 19 Nov 14.00-16.00
Ken Bare. 60 years of the Surrey Hills How the Surrey Hills ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ originated and how it has changed

Mon 10 Dec 14.00-16.00

Mike Grundy. Dramatic Art of the London Underground Events, figures and artworks from 10 centuries of London life, in over 90 Underground stations.


Mon 21 Jan 14.00-16.00

Andrew Bustin. My life as an extra What its like in front of the camera, the people I’ve met and film clips

Mon 25 Feb 14.00-16.00

Jenny Mallin. My Grandmother’s legacy
Five generations of Anglo Indian women during the days of the Raj . A family history which started with an 1844 recipe book!

Mon 25 Mar 14.00-16.00

Laurence Carter. Garibaldi , The Thousand and the unification of Italy. One of the great adventures of European history. For generations men had talked of uniting Italy (which had been fragmented since the fall of the Roman Empire). It seemed impossible – Italy was a cluster of small kingdoms plus Austria – yet in one short summer campaign, a thousand young men led by Garibaldi, amateur soldiers, descended on Sicily and fought their way against everything that could be thrown at them, up through the peninsula to create the modern state of Italy. A tale in the heroic mould.

Mon 29 Apr 14.00-16.00
Pat Mitchinson. Decorative Arts in Ballet Key artists and designers and their influence, from the Sun King through to today

Mon 20 May 14.00-16.00

Jennifer Goldsmith. The Portsmouth Road The road’s vital role in our history, from the 17th century to D Day

Mon June 24th . 

Roy Waight From Slaving to Saving A history of Rowledge