The Art and Science of Communication

New for 2020/21
Group Leader  Alan Freeland
Contact Alan Freeland – – 07958 141570
Meets Thursday, 1400 – 1600. Monthly

The Art and Science of Communication

This is a new U3A  Humanities Group.  Using the wealth of talent from across the Farnham U3A  to deliver  presentations and talks and to lead discussions we will explore a wide variety of human communication related topics.  We hope to provide a mixture of theory, fun and practical insight on the mysterious of  human  communication. Until we can safely get back into the Maltings the group will meet via Zoom on the fourth Thursday of the month from 2pm to 4pm. Typically we will have a couple of  topics per session.

To give a flavour of what is being planned these are some of the likely session topics:

Our instinct for language.

History and evolution of the English Language.

Why business people speak like idiots.

Presentations for enjoyment not death.

The language of diplomacy.

How to complain effectively and profitably.

How stories make us human.

Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale with prequels and sequels.

Classic translation. More art than science?

What did the ancient  Greeks mean by….

Google Translate – A Janet and John guide.

Verbal Communication – The power of the  human voice.

The voice in drama, poetry and  comedy.

Visual stories  and the  power of images.

Semiotics – the power of signs and symbols.

Engaging communication of  facts and figures.