Group 32. Leader – Michael A’Bear

We look at a wide range of historical subjects world-wide and are currently studying the 19th and early 20th century. Members are encouraged to give a talk to the group on a subject, event or person once every two to three years.

The group meets fortnightly and we have a coffee break in order to build in that important aspect of U3A – socialising. In addition to our study of the 19th/20th century, we hold an annual debate just before Christmas, and in June, we invite members of the group who may not have a lot of experience of speaking in public to try out a short talk of  to up to twenty minutes with no restriction on what part of history they cover. This means that in a morning, members will listen to four vastly different talks from different speakers.

Contact Diana Butler –  edesa99999@gmail.com  703136
Chairman Michael A’Bear abear1@btinternet.com
Meets Monday, 10.00 – 12.00. Twice monthly.

2018  Sep 10, 24 Oct 8, 22 Nov 5, 19 Dec 3, 17
2019  Jan 14, 28  Feb 11, 25  Mar 11, 25  Apr 15  May 13  Jun 3, 17

Programme of Talks

Sept 10     How the West was lost –   Michael A’Bear

How the West was lost – podcast of talk

Sept  24     The Boer War and other Colonial Adventures. –   Richard Thomas

The Boer Wars

Oct 8     19th Century Exhibition Fever   –  Joanne Watson

A day at the Great Exhibition (V and A)

Oct 22    The strange death of Liberal England   – Robert Sykes

Nov 5     The White Rajahs of Sarawak   – Jenny Thorpe

Nov 19     Kitchener –  Alan Bridgman

Dec 3      From Faraday to Ferranti   – Trevor Williams

Dec 17     Debate  My Historical dinner party 10 x 5 min talks


14 Jan.    The Sick Man of Europe and the Berlin Conference of 1878 by Peter Duffy

28 Jan     Marconi by Alan Freeland

11 Feb     Darwin and Evolution by Sam Osmond

25 Feb      Religious Doubt by John Hambly

11 March       Short cuts round the world by Bruce Oelman

25 March      Victoria and Albert by Nigel Marriott

15 April         The Austro-Hungarian Empire by Joe Huddleston

13 May           Spending a Penny  by Tim Davies

3 June             WG Grace by Robert Burn

17 June           Short talks  4 x 20 minutes