Art History

 Leader  -Ann Vickers

We encourage members to give an illustrated talk on an artist, school of painting, or era, of their choice. You can of course, just come along and watch and listen.

Contact  Susan Bussell – 715830

Meets Friday, 14.00 – 16.00. Monthly.

2019  Oct 4,  Nov 1, Dec 6.
2020 No Jan meeting, Feb 7, Mar 6, Apr 3, May 1, Jun 5


OCTOBER 4 –  Scottish Colourists

The Scottish Colourists were a group of four artists who lived and worked in Scotland and France during the early 20th century, creating a new style, with vibrant colours and swirling brush strokes. Presented by Liz Witham.

NOVEMBER  1 – Van Gogh – deist, theist, pantheist, atheist?

Two years ago, Bernard told the story of Vincent Van Gogh’s development as an artist.  This talk follows the parallel story, the story of the painter’s search for a purpose to his life, his spiritual quest. It is told in the same way as the original talk, through the medium of Van Gogh’s letters as much as through his paintings and drawings. Presented by Bernard Whelan,  with Rosemary Wisbey.

DECEMBER  6 – Chinese. Art – Insight to the soul of a nation. In Spring 2019 Alan completed a 12 week full time course of the history of Chinese Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.As a complete novice to the world of art this was both a stressful and revealing experience. In this talk, with lots of pictures,  Alan gives a personal view on his learning experience and what it might tell us about the Chinese nation.Alan is hopeful that audience members will contribute their knowledge of the parallels and contrasts with Western Art. Presented by Alan Freeland



FEBRUARY  7  – Hieronymus  Bosch  1450 – 1516.

Between Heaven and Hell: the (sketchy) life, and surviving works of the painter seen in the context of his own times, plus links, if any, with more modern movements. Presented by Stuart May.