Annual Theme 19-20. The 1970’s

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2019/2020 Theme Programme
“The 1970s – The Way We Were”

20 Sept 2019. Adrian MartinPop and Protest                    A selection of 1970’s pop songs reflecting the social and political issues of the time from gay rights to the Vietnam War.

Joanne Watson. Sport (and Politics) in the Seventies     A tumultuous decade where apartheid, terrorism, and boycotts had a defining influence on the sporting landscape. Not forgetting the Rumble in the Jungle, a Brit winning Wimbledon and that Aintree favourite Red Rum.

18 Oct 2019Dr Joan Webber A Hundred Years of Dutch Elm Disease.                                                                                   Alien invasive pathogens and the threat posed by them to our trees and their long termimpact on forest and woodland ecosystems.  How may the use of biological control agents manage tree diseases?

Dr Robert Sykes CBE Education in the 1970s: Issues still controversial today
Nostalgia is not what it used to be! A view from someone who became a teacher in the 1970s and went on to be a Headteacher of a large comprehensive school.

8 Nov 2019. Martin Emmett Economics – The “Me Decade” OPEC, Three Day Weeks and The Iron Lady

Laurence Anslow Stamping Through the 1970s
This highly illustrated talk looks back at the familiar and unfamiliar postage stamp issues of the 1970s. Emphasis will be on Great Britain, with a selection of subject material from other countries.”

13 Dec 2019 2-.430 pm
An afternoon of music, humour and drama presented by Rosemary Wisbey

17 Jan 2020 Prof Jo Turney Seventies Fashion
Fashion…a decade to remember or forget! What did we wear and why! And how did it influence how we lived?

Dr Ian Wallace The Changing World of Health Care
The 1970’s – an era of advances in medicine and surgery – new hips and hearts but new challenges : antibiotic resistance and HIV.

28 Feb 2020 Alan Little How the 70s Music Covered its Tracks                                                                                               The 70s were the last years of vinyl when the art of the album cover reached its apogee. Music became both diverse and increasingly ambitious in terms of social comment and self-regard as ‘art’. Some of the album covers remain iconic long after the music has been forgotten. This talk will look at some of the best 70’s covers and how they complemented the music.

Bernard Whelan The Student Riots
Demonstrations and riots are regular events in France, what was so special about those of 1968

13 Mar 2020 Pam Taylor We Boldly Went
Setting off into the unknown, we made our first forays into space. Relive the excitements and pitfalls of a pioneering time.

Rosemary Wisbey Three Cheers for the Open University
The U3A wasn’t the first institution to offer educational opportunities to more mature members of society.  Rosemary recalls many happy years as a student and tutor in this exciting phenomenon of the 1970s–and delivers the truth about those notorious OU Summer Schools.

3 Apr 2020 Peter Duffy The Art of the Seventies
“The 1970s, a time that evokes little nostalgia in the art world” – Robert Hughes.  To discuss.

Pam Martin  The Three Prime Ministers
Ted Heath (70-74), Harold Wilson (74-76) and Jim Callaghan (76-79).

1 May 2020 pm Dr Richard Thomas  Farnham Castle and Me
A personal reminiscence of The Centre for International Briefing from the 1970s, with some untold stories and some gossip.

Nigel Dawson  Films, TV and Music of the 70s
What did we watch when there were only 3 TV channels, we had to go to a cinema to watch a film, theatres were no longer censored and music was on 12 inch vinyl records.

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2018-19 Theme Africa

Fri 12 Oct. 10.00-13.00
Richard Thomas. Introduction to Africa
The period from early history to the first seaborn contact with the Portuguese.

Fran Sandham..Traversa . A Solo walk across Africa. A journey from Namibia to the Indian Ocean near Zanzibar (This is a change to the original programme)

Thur 22 Nov 10.00-13.00
Joanne Watson.  Le Boudin Blanc
The French Foreign Legion and its influence in Africa.

Michael A’Bear. The Three Rivers
Exploration in tropical Africa.

Podcast of these two talks

Thur 13 Dec*
14.00-16.00. Wines of Africa
An open meeting of the Wine Discovery Group, led by Tony Burke.
Tickets £10 per person including wine.

Fri 14 Dec* 14.00-16.00
SEASONAL EVENT – An afternoon of music, seasonal readings
and humour.

Fri 11 Jan 2019  10.00-13.00
Ian Wallace and Paul Aichroth. Disease and Disability in Africa Today
A health service for Africa – the challenge for this century.

Derek Sibley.  Sudan – A Nation Divided. A recollection of my two years there in the mid-70s ( this is a change to the original programme))

Thur 7 Feb 10.00-13.00
Richard Thomas   The Scramble for Africa and the Winds of Change
European colonisation of large parts of Africa between 1881 and 1914 and the subsequent decolonisation.

Pam Martin.  Tanzania  Hope or Despair ; Beautiful country, wonderful people but where is it going? Prosperity or stagnation?

Thur 14 Mar 10.00-13.00
Jake Duthie. The Sounds of Africa
Enjoy a cross section of the music of this vast continent.

Linda and Dave Shurlock. Changing the World the WaterAid Way
This local couple will tell us about their voluntary work in the UK and their experiences in Africa.

Fri 26 Apr. 14.00-16.00
Stewart Edge. Ethiopia
The history, geography and politics of this large never colonized state.

Richard Thomas. Africa Today and Tomorrow
The great Chinese take-away and a glimpse into the future.

An * indicates the meeting is ticketed in advance, £5 for the Seasonal Event  including tea / coffee and light refreshments and £10 for the Open Wine Tasting which includes wine.

Tickets for paid meetings are available from Ann Vickers at Meetings or by phone  01252 713956

In addition many classes will hold “Open Meetings” related to the current theme to which non-members may attend.

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