Chairman’s Message

Welcome to Farnham U3A.

Since taking on the role of Chair with the new Committee at the AGM in October 2018, I am pleased to see that our membership has continued to grow, as have the number of groups and activities. We currently have 111 groups, with 7 new groups having been set up since the start of this year.  

Current membership is around 1400 and groups vary from languages through arts, history, literature and many more topics with an emphasis on sharing experiences through discussion and participation in a convivial atmosphere. 

Details of groups and other events are available via the Programme on this website.

In addition to the regular group activities, the following monthly events are open to all members and include;• a Monthly Meeting with a variety of topics and speakers• a Themed meeting once per month; this year based around current and historical aspects of the African continent

These open meetings are well attended, with the room being close to capacity on many occasions.

Group Leaders, Secretaries and other Volunteers are the backbone to a successful U3A. Their time, effort, knowledge and expertise are essential to making the organisation work.

Farnham U3A is fortunate to have within its membership a rich pool of knowledge and talent who in keeping with the ethos of the Third Age Trust are willing to contribute their time.

If you would like to contribute either individually or as part of a team, please get in touch.

It is important to have fresh inputs and ideas, so please feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts on how we can improve what we do.

Mike Love – Chair Farnham U3A

Mike Love Chair Farnham u3a