Committee Who’s Who


Sir Ray Tindle CBE, DL, FCIS, FCI. Arb.

Mike Love

Mike Love  01252 715954



  Vice Chair & Groups Coordinator  

Malcolm Ellis 

Malcolm Ellis  07885303726


 Hon. Secretary                                      

Val Atkinson

Val Atkinson   01252 714483




Glennis Turner
Glennis Turner

Glennis Turner 01252-737004


Communications including newsletter 

Michele Cozzi

Michele Cozzi

01252 715211



Events Secretary & Disability Coordinator

Ann Vickers
Ann Vickers

Ann Vickers 01252-713956




Stephen Mason

 Stephen Mason





Geoff Dorrell

Geoff Dorrell  01252724138




Theme Organiser 2018/19

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas 01252 714297



Monthly Meetings Organiser 18/19

Sue Willson

Sue Willson 01252 719572



Database manager

Ann C v3
Anne Connolly

Anne Connolly 01252-737657



Committee members and officers should normally be contacted by email and should only be telephoned during office hours, please.

Please remember that committee members also go on holiday and you may therefore have to wait before you get a response!

Non committee Appointments   


Michael A'Bear
Michael A’Bear

Michael A Bear 01252-703250



 Membership Secretary    

Margaret Ham
Margaret Ham

  Margaret Ham 01252-715457




New Members  Gillian Smith   01252 322111

Honorary Examiner Ian Johnson                                      

 The Review Editors – Jan Herbert and Jane Blandy

Jan Herbert
Jan Herbert

  Tech Team

Ron Mansfield
Ron Mansfield

   Visual/Projector etc

Ron Mansfield             


Pete Wisbey
Pete Wisbey

Sound – Pete Wisbey



Joanne Watson

Webmaster – Joanne Watson



Officers and Committee members are Trustees of Farnham U3A

Registered Charity No: 1019078