Art History

Group 2. Leader  -Ann Vickers

We encourage members to give an illustrated talk on an artist, school of painting, or era, of their choice. Help is available for those who are not familiar with making slide-shows. You can of course, just come along and watch and listen.

Contact  Susan Bussell – 715830
Meets Friday, 14.00 – 16.00. Monthly.
2018 – Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7
2019 Feb 1, March 1, Apr 5, May 3, Jun 7

October  5th –   Art Deco: taking a look at Napier, New Zealand’s Art Deco Capital, and Miami South Beach, with its 800 Art Deco buildings.    Presented by Liz Witham.

November  2nd –  Monet.

“Monet painted an extremely wide range of subjects, depicting scenes from Brittany, Paris, through The Central Massif, to The Riviera, painting en route, coastal scenes, busy street scenes, elegant women, London – he liked to portray it in fog!! Also peaceful Boating Trips, ice-floes, the Sunrise, Trains, Cathedrals, Haystacks & Water Lilies He painted several images several times, in order to capture the changes of mood, mainly brought about by atmospheric conditions & the light.   Presented by Anne Mitchell.

December  7th –   British Realist Painting in the 1920’s and 1930’s.   Many artists of the period found new subjects in modern life. Presented by Ann Watson.


February 1st –  Transports of  Delight Part 2:  Art Deco Design That Really Moves You!

Our session last year concentrated on France as the epicentre of a golden age of car design that occurred in the 30’s when designers adopted the Art Deco ethos. We now turn to other parts of Europe, including the UK, and to the USA. This talk will present some of the most astounding vehicles ever seen and you can imagine yourselves in the world of  the rich and famous, and even infamous.

You don’t have to be interested in cars; just appreciate creative design, or take an interest in the trappings of wealth and fame. Presented by Alan Little.

March 1: The Art of South Devon Potters.

Items produced in the 19th Century in the Tor Bay area. With examples from the speaker’s own colletion. Presented by Alison Ridgeon.

April 5:  Picturing The Words.

How visual artists have responded to the written word, from the Ancient World to the present.  Presented by Rosemary Wisbey.

May 3: Africans in European Art.

This will trace the presence of Africans in European (whatever that is) Art through the centuries – and what that presence tells us about Europe and its evolving conciousness. Presented by Peter Duffy.

June 7: Presented by Colin Phillpot (of Farnborougjh U3A).