Monthly Meetings 17-18


We have Monthly Meetings that may or may not be related to the Annual Theme and these are normally held monthly on a Monday afternoon in the Barley Room, and are open to all members.

Mon 18th Sep 14.00 – 1600
Dr John Nichols  You and your Microbiome
Microbiomes in medicine, probiotics and antibiotics. (This lecture was originally scheduled for November)

Mon 16th Oct 1400-1600  
Roy Waight  More House School Circus
The story of how a circus encouraged the boys

Mon 13th Nov 1400-1600 ( This lecture was originally scheduled for September)

Alan Bridgman  – Elstead Water Board Murder
The truth about this and other intriguing crime stories

Mon 11th Dec 1400-1600
RR Dr Chris Herbert- The Mosaics of Ravenna
The intriguing meanings behind these beautiful 5th and 6th century mosaics


Mon 15th Jan 1400-1600
Cherrill Sands Follies for Fun
How garden landscapes and features provided fun and entertainment

Mon 19th Feb 1400-1600
Laurence Anslow Woking Planetarium
The planetarium at Woking Grammar School.
Mon 19th Mar 1400-1600
Laurence Carter Garibaldi and the making of Italy
How a cluster of independent states became a country.

Mon 16th Apr 1400-1600
From Caravels to Carnations.  Christopher Massy -Beresford. Portugal’s Explorers and Empires.

Mon 14th May 1400-1600
John Pritchard Corsham Tunnels
The Cold War early listening underground tunnels

Mon 11th Jun 1400-1600
Margaret Watson The Harp
A talk and demonstration of the harp