Group 33. Leader – Michael A’Bear

The History Group operates as a lecture and discussion group. Members are asked to speak on a subject of their own choosing within the period covered – currently the 19th century – on a person, a subject or even a concept, to the group about once every two or three years. We are not a group of professional historians, just people with an interest in history, so reading two or three books will generally give enough information for a talk, although some members do choose to study things in more detail. We restrict our numbers to about 50, so the group remains friendly and everyone knows everyone else.

We look at a wide range of historical subjects and are currently studying the nineteenth and early 20th century. We try to look at the history of the different parts of the world rather than just Britain which includes empires, the expansion of the United States, advances in science, engineering and medicine. There really is something for everyone.Group members are encouraged to give a talk to the group on a subject, event or person once every two to three years.

The group meets fortnightly and we have a coffee break in order to build in that important aspect of U3A – socialising. In addition to our study of the 19th/20th century, we hold an annual debate just before Christmas, and in June, we invite members of the group who may not have a lot of experience of speaking in public to try out a short talk of ten to twenty minutes with no restriction on what part of history they cover. This means that in a morning, members will listen to five vastly different talks from different speakers.


Diana Butler –  edesa99999@gmail.com  703136

Chairman Michael A’Bear abear1@btinternet.com

Meets Monday, 10.00 – 12.00. Twice monthly.
Sep 11, Oct 2, 16, 30 Nov 13, 27 Dec 11, Jan 15,29 Feb 12, Mar 12, 26, Apr 16,30, May 21, Jun 11, 25.

11 September  Waterloo without the Grisly Bits – David Kirkpatrick

2 October  Empress Eugenie – Joanne Watson

16 October  Britain’s Empire and The Crimean War DVDs

30 October  Disraeli – Elizabeth Anson

13 November  German Unification and the Bismarckian System DVD

27 November  Victorian Christmas – Matthew Alexander

11 Dec Annual Debate The Greatest Explorer or Adventurer – 10 minute talks


15 January When Britain did not have a Revolution – Rob Sykes

29 January  1905 in Russia and Robert Baden-Powell Mike Cubitt
Michael A’Bear

12 February      In a change to the programme this is now DVDs on “Italian Unification” and “High Imperialism”.

12 March  The Women who raced in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg – Joanne Watson

26 March  Origins of World War 1 – John Hambly

16 April  Babbage and Lovelace – Diana Butler

30 April  Victorian Farnham -Pam Taylor

21 May  The Napier Expedition – Judith Edge

11 June Short Talks

25 June Short Talks