Class 76.1.  Co- Leader and Contact Mike Rawlins. – 07785 720075

Run by local songwriters and musicians Peter Crutchfield and Mike Rawlins, the course will be held once a month at the Farnham Maltings. The 90 minute sessions will be relaxed and informal and will feature individual and group exercises as well as music analysis and appreciation. The main aim of the course will be to have fun, sharing and enjoying listening to and creating songs together.
We will try to provide everybody attending with the basic building blocks to be a songwriter, and cover topics such as lyric writing, melody, rhythm and harmony. We will be inviting other local songwriters to participate in some of the sessions, and at the end of the course we hope to give everyone an opportunity to hire time in a professional recording studio where some of the music created can be recorded.
Participants need not have any formal music training or specific expertise in playing a musical instrument. We hope to cater for all levels of ability.

Meets  Monthly on Thursdays at 1245
21st September, 12th October, 9th November, 7th December, 11th January, 8th February, 8th March, 5th April and 3rd May.