Literary Topics

Group 64.   Leader  – Jan Herbert

A stimulating series of lectures relating to matters of literary interest. New members welcome.

Contact  Jan Herbert – – 795600
Meets  Thursday, 10.00 – 12.00. Monthly.

This is a foretaste of the programme for 2017/8. Each meeting takes the form of a lecture given by an expert and experienced member of the group, with a break for coffee in the middle which allows for lively discussion. We have a regular attendance of about 40 friendly attenders but the lecture format means that there is always room for new members.


14th September  ROSEMARY WISBEY
Literary Biography: Jane Austen’s children: their conception, birth, early struggles and later triumphs.
Looking at the novels, the letters…

12th October  JAN HERBERT
Hagiography: How to tell it like it probably wasn’t from Bede to Father Robo – and why.
Looking at the work of Bede, Walton, Father Robo and Janina Ramirez

9th November  PETER DUFFY
Verse autobiography: Summoned by Bells. John Betjeman

No meeting in December

11th January  DAVID WILSON

Military/Political Biography: Lawrence of Arabia, Soldier, Scholar, Enigma
Looking at Seven Pillars of Wisdom …

8th February  CHRIS HERBERT
Biography of Houses: The story of houses in the Auvergne and Berlin and the lives lived in them.
Looking at the work of Gillian Tyndall…

Biography of Empire: Two non-typical Englishmen in the Raj
Looking at the work of William Dalrymple …

5th April  MARY BELL
Classical Biography: Plutarch’s Lives and what Shakespeare did to them.
Looking at Plutarch, the Roman plays …

10th May  VAL LEWIS
Memoirs: The treatment of old age in biography
Looking at the work of Diana Athill…

Many other books will be mentioned besides those listed and there is no necessity to read any of them before the talks, but for those who like to get ahead of the game – there’s your chance.