Art History

Group Leader  -Ann Vickers

We encourage members to give an illustrated talk on an artist, school of painting, or era, of their choice. Help is available for those who are not familiar with making slide-shows. You can of course, just come along and watch and listen.

Contact  Susan Bussell – 715830
Meets Friday, 14.00 – 16.00. Monthly.
2017 Sep 8/ Oct 6/ Nov 3/ Dec 1:  2018  Feb 2/ Mar 2/ Apr 6/ May 4/ Jun 8


8 September Canadian Ladscape Painters: Tom Thomson and the ‘Group of Seven’.
From 1912 Tom Thomson and the ‘Group of Seven’ revolutionised Canadian painting. Some were war artists who went on to produce delightful portraits and townscapes; but all were inspired by the Canadian lanscape and the wilderness to the ‘north’.
The talk will discuss the main artists within the group (including Thomson himself, Fred Varley, Lawren Harris, and AY Jackson) and show many of their defining works. Presented by Richard Thomas.

6 October  Two Local Artists
A look at two local artists painting at the start of the twenieth centuiry: WH Allen, in Farnham and Flora Twort, in Petersfield. Presented by Liz Whitham.

3 November  Exterior Venice
The talk will take the form of an imaginery journey up one side of the ‘Grand Canal’ and back down the other, commenting on the architecture, style and the history of each building. Presented by Anne Mitchell.

1 December The Parthenon – A new theory
Most of us are familiar with the Parthenon, the most famous monument from ancient Greece. We know its equally famous marble frieze too – the contentious Elgin Marbles. But what is going on in that frieze? What does it all mean? Is it, as we’re told, the great Panathenaic festival that the Athenians celebrated every four years? Or is there some other meaning? The Parthenon, and indeed the whole Acropolis, is crowded with unanswered questions. This talk hopes to shed some light on those problems and will suggest a completely new meaning for the frieze. Presented by Laurence Carter

January 5 NO CLASS

February 2 Transports of Delight: Art Deco Design That Really Moves You!
A golden age of car and vehicle design occurred in the 30’s when designers adopted the Art Deco ethos and produced some of the most flamboyant and beautiful forms of transport ever seen. The rich and famous bought their chassis from luxury manufacturers with glamorous names . The epicentre of design was France but the USA soon joined the movement with designers like Harley Earl and Bonham and Schwartz, as did Great Britain. Such vehicles are now owned by people like Ralph Lauren and Jay Leno.
Art Deco and its US derivative, Streamline Moderne, also produced stunningly eye-catching trains, buses, lorries, boats and planes and its influence on vehicle design still exists today. Presented by Alan Little.

March 2: British Realist Painters of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Presented by Ann Watson. CANCELLED DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER

April 6: Words and Pictures. A compendium presented by Rosemary Wisbey.

May 4: Freda Kahlo (1907-1954).A Mexican artist who employed a folk art style inspired by local popular culture.Presented by Peter Duffy.

June 8th: M.C. Esher (1898-1972).A Dutch graphic artist who made mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints.Presented by a member of Farnborough U3A